After Builders Cleaning

after builders cleaning

Love your new building—but loathe the mess that the construction crew left behind? Builders love to build but they usually leave a sizable clean-up project once their work is complete.

Who Is Going To Clean Up the Mess? – After Builders Cleaning

At Cleaning Company we fully understand how frustrating and overwhelming it is to handle the post builders cleaning tasks required to clean-up home or building sites that have undergone significant renovations, demolition, or new building. Why brave it alone? Allow our professional team to tackle your job quickly, and with minimal disruption.

If you require a post construction cleaning crew to clean and remove heaps of rubbish and grime from your worksite you can count on Cleaning Company carefully trained experts to make short work of small, medium, or large, post-construction clean-up.

Our Reputation Is Sparkling Clean

Since our company’s launch, we’ve successfully established a reputation as a reliable After Builders Cleaning service in the Cheltenham, Gloucester and the Gloucestershire areas—and just recently expanded into the Worcestershire and Oxfordshire regions.

Over-delivering on our promises has enabled our company to rapidly grow our customer base. We cherish the reputation we have achieved through stellar performance and wish to assist with all of your After Builders cleaning needs.

How Can We Assist? Let Us Count the Ways

Have you recently completed home or office renovation generating tons of unhealthy dust, dirt, and grim? We can handle that. What about cleaning up after your messy DIY home improvement job? No worries….we’ve seen it all—and we’ve cleaned it all.  We’re experienced quality cleaning experts.

Cleaning tasks are not created equal. We understand that your cleaning task is unique. That’s why we offer special services to homeowners or business establishments who have completed major renovations, refurbishment or DIY home improvement jobs.

Business, construction, and post-renovation cleaning orders can include any or all of the following tasks:

  • dusting
  • cleaning and degreasing of all surfaces and common areas
  • cleaning of machinery, blinds, and ventilation ducts.
  • sweeping, washing, and polishing floors
  • cleaning windows and ledges
  • disposal of excess materials

We Understand That Building Materials Differ

Are you fearful of ruining expensive building materials during cleanup? That’s a common fear and problem that we know how to resolve. Our experts are familiar with the special techniques required to gently clean expensive limestone, terrazzo, and granite building materials so they are not harmed during the cleaning process.

When our expert team is finished cleaning off the dust and grime generated during construction, those exquisite buildings materials will be pristine and glowing–presenting their absolute best appearance.

Our specially trained team will also perform heavy-duty tasks such as:

  • Rubbish removal
  • Removal of excess building materials
  • Cleaning gutters and roof areas
  • Cleaning of internal and external walls and facades

Is there an area or task we haven’t mentioned? Tell us about it, and we’ll show you how we can resolve that specific cleaning challenge.

Team Cleaning Company

Here’s our Winning Game Plan

To obtain the best and fastest results, we work directly with you or in conjunction with your contractor or project manager to deep clean your domestic or business premises so that it is restored to its original pristine sparkling clean appearance, regardless of how dusty or soiled it presently appears.

Your image is everything in the eyes of your clients. Cleaning Company works hard to make sure that your office or industrial space is spotless and pristine in spite of renovations, high foot traffic, construction, or refurbishment projects.

When your cleaning project demands service beyond the usual routine cleaning, you can count on our after builders cleaning experts to dust, clean, polish and restore your business office or industrial space to a fresh, clean, healthy and perfectly polished state of perfection.

Interested? Why not grab a quick quote today?

We promise that our superior white glove cleaning service will exceed your highest expectations. Our extraordinary cleaning skills will not disappoint. Give us a call today, and find out how we can help you with your latest after builders cleaning project.

Regardless of the size of the project–from minimal to Goliath-sized Cleaning Company is here to help.

Do not hesitate to call to inquire about a price quote or to ask a specific question about your present or future projects. We are always happy to assist in any way possible.

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