School cleaning requires a delicate balance of hard work, flexibility, and the ability to navigate discreetly throughout heavily student-populated areas. Isn’t it comforting to know that Quality Cleaning’s experienced and well-trained school cleaning team adheres to BICSC standards, and is thoroughly background checked to ensure the safety of your students, their property and your school facilities?

Our adaptable cleaning team quickly conforms to your ever-changing needs to provide school and college cleaning service where you need it—on the date and time that it is required.

As school cleaning specialists serving the Gloucestershire and related local areas, our mission is to provide the healthiest, eco-friendly, and non-intrusive cleaning services possible.

We serve a variety of education-related facilities including:

  • nursery schools
  • primary and secondary schools
  • tutoring and college prep centres
  • colleges and universities
  • adult education centres
  • boarding schools
  • student housing
  • administrative buildings
  • fraternity and sorority buildings

Realizing that schools and college require the utmost flexibility regarding cleaning options, we work hard to keep your buildings and their surrounding areas clean and sparking – regardless of whether you need our team to clean before, during, or after classes are in session. Our floor cleaning service, window cleaning service, communal cleaning, deep cleaning or any other aspect can be tailored to suit your school or college requirements.

Some of the areas we clean include;

  • classrooms and school laboratories
  • auditoriums
  • cafeterias and student lounges
  • student and faculty washrooms
  • academic offices and faculty work areas
  • gymnasiums and exercise rooms
  • college campus grounds and surrounding areas

Rest assured that all of our school cleaning services are closely supervised and monitored to ensure top-rate quality control and compliance with all cleaning-related regulations. Our expert cleaning staff is trained to operate discreetly and quietly so as not to interfere with learning or school activities.

We’ve mastered the ABC’s of school and college cleaning…so why not call us today to obtain a competitive quote during a free, no-obligation consultation?