Is Your Office Washroom Clean?

Ironically, the room that is specially reserved for cleaning up is often one of the least hygienic rooms in a professional office, healthcare facility, industrial building, or retail space. The heavily trafficked washroom gets a lot of daily use and abuse; often by outside clients and guests of staff members. Supplies must be continually restocked and common areas must be regularly cleaned to avoid mould, mildew or bacterial growth. During those times when plumbing incidents occur; cleaning teams must be dispersed to quickly clean up water spills and rubbish.

The expert contract cleaning team at Quality Cleaning Services is on a mission to leave your professional office, industrial building, health facility, or retail space’s washroom well scrubbed, hygienic, fresh smelling and fully stocked – every time we drop by Our staff members are highly skilled cleaners with specific training in health and safety standards regarding COSHH and the safe use of chemicals.

Our Washroom Cleaning Solutions include:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting washroom floors, walls, toilets, and sinks
  • Stocking and refilling toilet tissue and other washroom supplies
  • Removing stubborn mould and built-up grime
  • Polishing mirrors, faucets, washroom fixtures, and doorknobs
  • Removing rubbish from wastebaskets
  • Dusting and unclogging air vents
  • Cleaning up water spills and puddles
  • Removing grit and grime from bathroom fixtures
  • Polishing metal fixtures and doorknobs
  • Removing smudges from handles and cobwebs from room corners
  • Cleaning light switches and lighting fixtures

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